Joe Haden  CB  Florida


 Round 1


Joe has good size to go along with great speed and excellent quickness to play his position at a very high level.  He is a head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler who will come up and support the run quicker than most players who play his position.  Joe has that quick twitch quickness and is surprisingly strong for a college corner back.  He is a shut down corner who has the physical talents to play man-to-man bump coverage and the instincts to be an excellent zone corner.  Joe is an excellent special teams player.  He is smart, instinctive but at the same time, understands how to play in a team concept.  I call him Joe (Hurry Up) Haden because he needs to hurry up and get to the NFL level fast so that the nation can appreciate his talents. 



Joe is ready for the big time.  I think I saw him yawn one time on the field while he was in the middle of covering a WR.  I don't think that was very nice! =)



Joe is the best CB in this draft.  He has the kind of talent that does not come along too often.  As I said before, he is quick, fast, smart and instinctive.  Add to that the fact that he is a good tackler and strong enough to play bump and run and you have as complete a corner as I have seen come out of college.  Joe is strong and has excellent body control when he goes up in the air to defend a fade pass against a tall WR in the end zone.  He is also quick enough and fast enough to cover those small, quick receivers in man-to-man on crossing routes.  Joe is a Pro Bowl corner and will become the focal point of your defensive back schemes and defense.   He looks to be an excellent teammate.  Joe has Darrelle Revis-type talent (CB - Jets).  Every team in the NFL needs a player like Joe to be successful.  He will improve your pass rush because he will cover the other team's franchise receiver like a blanket the day after you draft him.  Add to this his special teams talents and Joe alone has the ability to improve your defensive back play, pass rush and special teams.  That will be something special.  Joe (Hurry Up) Haden is going to be something special.   

Drew Boylhart  1/10