John Jerry  OT  Mississippi 


 Round 2



John is a big, strong offensive tackle with good feet and balance.  He uses excellent techniques when pass blocking and has the athletic talent to mirror his man when pass blocking.  John is smart, knows his blocking assignments and plays with the efficiency that is sometimes misrepresented as a lack of passion.  He has strong mental stamina and rarely gets beat when pass blocking.  When he needs to move laterally to make a block (run or pass) and does get beat, he recovers very well by using proper techniques and his surprising athletic talent.  I suspect that for John the game is too easy for him at this level.  That true challenge to bring out all of his talents will be at the next level. 



John has one issue above all that must be addressed.  He has a weight problem and if he can get that under control, I believe that John could be a Pro Bowl left tackle for the team that drafts him.  Too much weight will affect what side of the ball John will play on for the team that drafts him. 



The way John plays on the field is very deceiving.  He has excellent athletic talent and when someone challenges him, that athletic talent comes out.  If John is not challenged, he tends to be a bit lazy and will just go with the flow and block his man as needed.  Some players have so much talent and at the same time are so smart that they know that they will not have any problems with coaches as long as they produce when it is needed for them to produce.  John stays under the radar in all phases of the game by just producing what is needed when it is needed.  If you draft John and tell him "I'm expect you to become my left tackle,"  I believe John will become a Pro Bowl left tackle.  If you draft John and tell him you are going to be my right tackle and don't worry I'll make sure on passing downs we cover you up with a tight end... he will be your right tackle who needs help on passing downs.  If you challenge this kid to be the best that he can be and recognize his talent so that he respect you as a coach, you will see a very good player rising out of the ashes of that lacksadaisical attitude that he plays with now.  Make him lose the weight and give him some responsibility -- I know this kid will not fail.  If he does, you still have a hell of a right tackle; thereforem, you have nothing to lose and every thing to gain.  I'm not sure what round John might be drafted in, but I will say this:  if John does well at his workouts and loses some weight, he could surprise a lot of people on where he is drafted.  He could sneak into the end of the first round!



Drew Boylhart  2/10