John Skelton  QB  Fordham   


 Round 3



The only game I've seen of John is the East-West Shrine game.  I don't like doing profiles from an all star game, but in this situation, I have no choice so here it goes.  Out of all the QB's in this draft, John could be one of the best.  He has a strong arm with good accuracy and stands tall in the pocket.  He drops back, sets up well and looks like he can make quick decisions while under pressure.  From what I've seen of QB's in this draft so far, John has the best throwing motion and velocity on his ball.  He looks like he throws a heavy ball to catch, but this will change as he gains experience and develops the touch to make all the throws that will be required of him to be successful at the next level. 



I don't see any true leadership skills right now.  On the sidelines, his interaction was like he wanted to be one of the boys instead of interacting with coaches (more than a minute) and trying to learn more.  He played well, but even in this game you could see some inconsistencies in his set up and delivery.  However, it is hard to tell if these inconsistencies really impact his overall game.  You also have to wonder with his talent why he went to Fordham?  I just did not get a good feeling of maturity and seriousness while at this game, which would be an issue for a guy looking to be drafted.  You have to question his work ethic and commitment to being a franchise QB.  I just have so many questions about his intangibles, but he has the goods talent-wise. 



This is a kid you take a flyer on in the 3rd, 4th or 5th round.  You work him out and look at his film to see if you can see a spark in his play.  You can't draft him too high because of the level of competition at which he played.  However, you could look at him as a developmental QB with the potential to start and if he has an undercurrent of leadership skills, he could work himself into a future franchise QB.  He does have franchise athletic talent -- that much I can see.  What I can't see are the all-important intangibles that will make him more than a Jeff George.  I have been very accurate about QB's coming out in the draft, and I have been very wrong about QB's coming out in the draft.  Some QB's I thought had first round talent are not even playing in the NFL and then....there are a few that no one but me thought had a chance and those QB's are starting for playoff teams.  This kid is as good a chance to take in the later rounds as any other QB in this draft.  Just because he comes from Fordham doesn't automatically make him worse than a QB from a bigger school with less athleticism!  You do have to wonder why he chose to go to Fordham.  Was he afraid of the challenge or is he a kid that actually went to school for a good education?!  Now that would be something!  I think if this kid lasts after the 3rd round, you will see teams tripping all over themselves to draft him in the 4th round.  If he lasts longer than that, it would suggest to me that leadership skills and maturity are big issues and it will take some time for John to mature into the QB his athletic talents suggest that he can become. 



Drew Boylhart  2/10