Jon Asamoah  OG  Illinois


 Round 2



Jon has excellent size, strength and foot speed to play his position.  He has solid techniques when blocking for both the run and the pass.  Jon is strong at hand fighting when pass blocking.  He stays with his blocks in the running game and looks to have just enough agility to go to the next level and block a Linebacker.  Jon plays with great pride, mental stamina and shows leadership skills through his play on the field.  This is kid is a quality offensive lineman. 



I know Jon can play right guard at the next level, but I'm not sure if he has the quickness and enough lateral agility to play left guard.  His workouts should answer this for us.  Jon's excellent pass blocking technique make him a perfect fit as a left tackle if his workouts show it and hopefully, they will.  Jon doesn't look like he has the foot speed to play in every style of offensive system, but I do know that in the right system, this kid will be a hell of an offensive lineman.  He needs to get stronger, but he seems to have good natural overall strength in general. 



Good interior linemen that you can plug into your line the day after you draft them are hard to find and Jon is just that.  He is not flashy, but he is good.  I noticed him when I was profiling the DT from Penn St.  Jon handled him one-on-one most of the time very easily.  I looked at him in a few other games and was just amazed at his ability to do whatever was asked of him with relative ease and efficiency.  If your team needs a guard who just might be a left guard in the future, then you draft this kid.  He is the real deal.  Look for his workouts as this kid could move up in this draft and with a little push just might be a late first rounder depending on the rankings of all the tackles.  I would rank him as first round talent; my only concern would be his foot speed and quickness.  However, make no mistake about it, this kid is a very good guard. 


Drew Boylhart  1/10