Jonathan Crompton  QB  Tennessee 


 Round 2



Jonathan has good size and athletic talent to play his position.  He has a strong arm, throws the ball with velocity and can make all the throws required of a quarterback for the next level.  He is a smart QB that has withstood a lot of adversity in his college career.  Jonathan can manage the game plan and has the foot quickness to be used in any style of offensive system.  He shows quick feet in the pocket and does a solid job throwing on the run.  Jonathan has the athletic skills to become a good starting QB for the team that drafts him.  He looks a little bit like Peyton Manning (QB Colts) when he plays; unfortunately, looks can be deceiving. 



Jonathan biggest problems are mental.  He struggles mentally after he makes mistakes.  He has a bad habit of making poor decisions in the red zone and losing his confidence after throwing interceptions.  He has been over-coached.  By that I mean there are too many memories in his head of former coaches busting him for every mistake he has ever made on the field.  Jonathan needs to get into one offensive system with one coach who will allow him to just play and learn from his mistakes.  When his mechanics are good, Jonathan is accurate, but when he is under pressure from the sidelines, his mechanics and accuracy are impacted dramatically.    Lane Kiffin did a pretty good job trying to put this kid back together, but there is still a long way to go. 




My guess is that Jonathan's problem stems from the fact that until he got to Tennessee, football was very easy for him.  He never had to work at it.  All of a sudden, coaches were screaming at him for making mistakes and this kid struggled to handle that emotionally.  When he was in high school, more than likely, he could overcome any mistakes pretty quickly.  I don't think Jonathan ever knew or understood the mental aspects of playing quarterback until college.  The adversity that he has had to endure at Tennessee just might be the best thing that ever happened to him.  Now he knows what is expected of him and if he continues to improve the way he has this year under Lane Kiffin, Jonathan will be the sleeper quarterback of this draft class.  Jonathan should be an excellent West Coast offense quarterback.  He needs to be in a rhythm offense that takes much of the decision making abilities out of his hands.  Out of all the quarterbacks in this draft, I have to think that Jonathan has to be high on the Cleveland Browns' list.  He is just the type of reclamation project that Mike loves to tackle and should fit right into the time frame the Browns are looking at to bring a quarterback along slowly.  By the way, Jonathan would be a good fit for a lot of teams as a developmental quarterback and a future sleeper pick in this draft.  Mike shouldn't get to have all the fun.


Drew Boylhart  3/10