Jordan Shipley  WR  Texas


 Round 1



Jordan is quick, fast and the type of receiver that lets a QB sleep good at night.  He is very dependable and smart; he reads and reacts to defenses as he is running his route.  Jordan has quick feet which makes it easy for him to cut on a dime and he's fearless going over the middle when running crossing routes.  He shows great vision, which helps him to break tackles and he shows strong run after the catch ability.  Jordan has excellent hands and will catch everything thrown his way.  He is very good on special teams.  Overall, Jordan is an impact player who is very smart and thinks while on the field in tandem with his QB and coaches on the sideline.  Jordan is the "ace in the hole" type of player for your passing game because of his football intelligence, athletic talent and ability to read and react to the defense after the snap of the ball. 



Jordan may not be a number one receiver because he absorbs too much punishment and injuries could cut down his ability to stay on the field.  If he can bulk up and learn to protect himself, he could easily become a #1 WR for the team that drafts him. 



Jordan is the type of player that could be drafted in the first round or drop all the way to the fourth round.   Some people are not convinced that he can become a #1 WR because of his size and lack of bulk.  I go by LTI -- how quickly can Jordan help and become an impact player after you draft him?  (Personally I feel if more teams drafted with LTI in mind instead of potential, they would have more impacting drafts and maybe there would be less turnover in the coaching ranks.)  Because of Jordan's intelligence and maturity, you can move this kid around all over your offense in the passing game and make him a match-up nightmare for the opponents' DBs.  He can make an immediate difference on special teams as well.  Therefore, the team that is smart enough to draft Jordan in whatever round is going to get a "total package" player who will be able to impact right away.   I call him Jordan (Ace) Shipley because if you move him around your offense in the passing game he will become your ace in the hole...and nothing beats having an ace in the hole. 


Drew Boylhart  11/09