Kam Chancellor  S  Virginia Tech 


 Round 2



Kam has excellent size, strength and speed to play his position.  He has football intelligence and shows very good leadership skills that are needed to be an impact safety for the next level.  He is a good tackler and has those long legs that give him a deceivingly smooth gate when running and allows him to stay in coverage with the longer-striding wide receivers and the bigger slot receivers.   He has the speed to cover the pass catching tight ends and H-backs.  He also possesses a good burst to the play and makes the open field tackles to limit the run after the catch yardage that is such a needed part of everyone's offense.  Kam is a hell of a player and should become a fan favorite and core player for the team that drafts him.



Kam's speed and quickness when he does his drills will hold him back in some evaluators' minds, but this kid is a sleeper in this draft.  He might not be a player you can use as a single free safety because of his times, but I would say that his play on the field suggests otherwise.



In past drafts, a player with Kam's times would not be drafted until the 4th round, but this kid plays better than he times and with the draft being split up into three days, I think this kid will be drafted early.  The reason for this is teams will have the time to re-shuffle the deck, so to speak -- time to re-organize their draft boards and needs between the first three rounds and stay up all night looking at tape.  If a team needs a safety, they will have the opportunity to re-evaluate and look at tape of Kam and realize his times in workouts do not tell the whole story.  This kid is a hell of a football player and moving him from the free safety position because of his size will be a big mistake.  He will help to shut down those big wide receivers.  In the red zone, when QB's throw the fade, Kam has the size and intelligence to shut that play down and help out the smaller corners.  Kam can play in a two-deep system or up close to the line as a strong safety, but his impact will be as a leader and coach on the field and that is worth a whole lot more than a fast time in a workout. 


Drew Boylhart  2/10