Kareem Jackson  CB  Alabama 


 Round 3



Kareem has the size, strength and speed to be an excellent press coverage man-to-man cornerback for the team that drafts him.  He shows a good punch at the line of scrimmage for bump and run coverage and is strong enough to push the bigger wide receivers off their routes when running stride-for-stride down the field.  Kareem has a long gait that will allow him to stay with long-striding wide receivers.  He is smart, reads the receiver and knows when to turn and look for the ball in the air.  He is a good tackler and will come up to support the run.  Kareem has excellent instincts in analyzing screens and running plays to his side of the field.  Kareem right now is an excellent fit for a defense like the Jets use.  That style of defense fits Kareem's talents right now. 



Kareem is a long strider and typically these CB's have problems with a lack of quickness and changing directions.  This shows up when Kareem is used in a zone defense.  Kareem also is unsure and lacks confidence on the field when he plays off a receiver and is in zone coverage.  He needs to improve the mental portion of his game, including his confidence. 



Kareem is the type of player that has the overall talent you look for in a cornerback, but his lack of experience in zone coverage is a problem.  You need to get this kid on the field so that he can get more repetitions, but you can't put him on the field in your nickel-dime package until he gets more experience.  You might be able to use him as a safety in nickel and dime, but then he is learning two positions at once and that will only slow his process.  I'm sure he can help you on special teams because he can tackle and might be able to return kicks, but playing him at corner right now would be a big mistake.  He is a systems cornerback and teams that play more press coverage are going to be very interested in drafting Kareem; unfortunately, I would be concerned that even in that system his confidence would be shaken if he got beat a few times in a game.  Kareem comes from a big time program and has had very good coaching, but he still has a lot to learn about being a cornerback for the NFL level.  If he stayed in another year I'm sure I would be suggesting that he has 1st round talent; however, right now he has first round potential that still has to be developed. 


Drew Boylhart  3/10