Kerry Meier  WR  Kansas 


 Round 2



Kerry might be the smartest route running receiver in this draft.  He loves going over the middle and will out-work his opponent every time he runs a route until he is open and able to make a catch.  He has good size, decent speed and those quick feet to make cuts that the smaller receivers use to gain separation.  Kerry's a good blocker and one thing you will not do with Kerry is move him off his route.  His determination to catch the ball for a completion is the type of determination that all great receivers must have to be great.  He is a systems receive; however, in the right system, could wind up being one of the best receivers from this class.  Kerry is not fast, but he is smart and will not be denied.  That's what is going to make him very good along with being a core player and a fan favorite.



I would love to see Kerry run faster, but I know it is just not going to happen.  Kerry does show good quickness, but it would be nice if he was quicker to gain better separation.  Those are his negatives and the truth is, those negatives are not enough for Kerry not to become a Pro Bowl receiver.



Kerry is the type of receiver that a defensive coordinator will watch on film and think he can contain if he puts his best linebacker or safety on him all game long.  Guess what will happen every time?  Kerry will beat that defense like a drum all game long.  He is a match-up nightmare in the slot because he reads, reacts and then runs his route.  Here is just one example of how Kerry will beat you that I saw on film.  Kerry was lined up in the slot going to run a simple five yard out for a first down.  At the snap of the ball, Kerry did not burst off the line of scrimmage because he saw (before the snap) that his opponent was sitting five yards from him.  Kerry tricked his opponent by faking a burst off the snap stopping and then bursting off the snap a second time to confuse his opponent as to the route he was going to run.  This move triggered his opponent to backpedal for a double team on the outside wide receiver and leave the slot receiver alone because the slot (so they thought) was not running a route.  I have seen this kid in the middle of the field use a swim move to get around a linebacker and beat him to a spot on the field to make a catch on 3rd and 12.   He reminds me of a bigger, stronger version of Wes Welker (WR New England Patriots).  He will get deep on double moves and just knows how to marry his routes to his opponents mistakes or bad habits to get himself open.  He will run a simple out route and wait until his man peeks in to the backfield to then make his cut.  That's how he gets his separation.  He has great hands and will be a QB's best friend when the offense needs to move the ball and get out of trouble.  I know Kerry will not be drafted in the second round, but he has second round talent and is the type of player who grows on you.  He slowly drives his opponents crazy because he just seems to beat you whenever he needs to make a play.  As soon as the team that drafts him gets over his lack of pure athletic speed, they are going to fall in love with this kid -- and the QB is going to offer him free room and board.   


Drew Boylhart  2/10