Kyle Calloway  OT  Iowa


 Round 1



Kyle has excellent size, strength and feet to play his position.  He is a right tackle with a left tackle heart.  By that, I mean he takes pride in pass blocking and protecting his QB.  He is a powerful run blocker and does a very good job blocking in space and moving to the next level.  Most of the time he is not covered up when blocking on passing plays with a TE.  He does not get overpowered when being bull rushed.  Kyle is smart, shows mental stamina and does not get beat by the same move twice if he gets beat at all.  I suspect that once Kyle works out at the combine, he will show enough athletic talent to play left tackle at the next level.  However, even if he does not, Kyle (right now) shows Pro Bowl right tackle skills.   



He is stronger than most of the players he plays against right now and does get up too high at times.  He gets a little lazy when pass blocking once he drives his man past his QB and looks to help his line mates out a little too quickly.   All of this is nit picking and can all be corrected. 



I'm calling him Kyle (Right Away) Calloway because you can draft this kid and plug him into your offensive line at the right tackle position right away.  He can play Right tackle in his sleep, but I believe he could also play the left tackle position also at a very high level.  I will be surprised if by the time the draft comes around he is not considered a top draft choice, but I have been surprised before.  You are talking about an offensive lineman who can pass block, run block, has the athletic agility to go out to the second level and combo block, can move out and block on screen plays and can be used in a pulling system.  What more are you looking for in an offensive lineman?  I suspect that playoffs teams at the end of the first round are going to be salivating over the possibility of drafting this kid.  Kyle's ability to play the left tackle position will dictate where he will be drafted.  Workouts and a demonstration of his ability to switch to the other side will move him up the draft boards.  For me, it won't matter much...he is a first rounder and he will play right away. 

Drew Boylhart  11/09