Kyle McCarthy  S  Notre Dame 


 Round 3



Kyle has good size and speed to play his position for the team that drafts him.  He is football smart with the instincts of an offensive coordinator who plays defense.  Kyle is a head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler who has demonstrated leadership skills through his play on the field and his actions off the field.  He makes the players around him better because they feed off his instincts and intelligence and unusual ability to read the next play an offense is going to run before it is sent in from the opponent's sideline.  Kyle is the smartest safety in this draft and if you are a team that plays the right system that fits Kyle's athletic abilities, you have just drafted yourself a Pro Bowl safety.  Kyle will be an excellent gunner on your special teams as he waits to prove to his coaches that he is going to be a core player and fan favorite for the team that drafts him.  



Kyle lacks the true man-to-man cover skills that you like to see in a top safety.  He needs the play in front of him and should be drafted by a team that uses a two deep zone system.  He can play the position of an in-the-box safety;  however, again, his lack of flexibility to cover man-to-man will turn some teams off.  For me, personally, I say draft him and COACH BETTER!



Kyle is under the radar in spite of being invited to play in the Senior Bowl and being invited to the combine.  If you are going to evaluate a player for just a two deep zone system, Kyle is the best safety in this draft.  But that is not being realistic.  Teams run different types of systems and like the safeties to be more interchangeable and have good cover skills in man-to-man defense.  That makes sense, but Kyle is the smartest safety in the draft and that has to mean something.  He also is the best tackler and has the best leadership skills and I would take all of those over a kid who can't think on the field, but runs a 4.43 sp in the forty at the combine or a pro day.  I will draft a player with the intangibles that Kyle has over a more athletic player without.  Kyle plays like a safety who has 4.50 sp because of his intangibles.  Kyle has Rodney Harris/John Lynch type of talent and that is just fine by me.  You go ahead and pick that big time safety in the first round because of his speed.  I'll sit back in the draft and select Kyle later and I just bet I get to the Super Bowl with my defense before you get there with your defense.  Anybody want to take that bet? 


Drew Boylhart  3/10