Kyle Wilson  CB  Boise St


 Round 1



Kyle has good size, strength, speed and quickness to play his position.  He has the bulk and strength needed to be used as a bump and run corner and is very smart.  Kyle has no problems understanding his responsibilities in zone coverage and is a good tackler.  He plays in a 4-2-5 defensive system, but his team uses him as their shutdown corner on an opponent's top receiver in spite of using that system.  He has good quickness and speed and is a good tackler.  This kid is a tough kid and, at this point of the draft, is very underrated.  Kyle has good return special teams abilities, which will add to his impact for the next level.  His size, speed, quickness, tackling abilities, strength, football instincts and overall leadership qualities makes this kid a potential shut down cornerback in the same mold as a Charles Woodson (CB Packers).  He is not as big, but his style of play and toughness will allow him to match up against any size wide receiver. 



The first problem for Kyle is that he plays in a system that makes it hard to evaluate.  Most NFL scouts will wait until the combine and Senior Bowl to see for themselves what kind of overall talent Kyle has for the next level.  For me, it was easy...I saw him against Fresno St shut down a kid who has 4.3 speed. 



I don't believe that Kyle will be drafted in the first round of this draft.  He is a defensive back that plays in a 4-2-5 defense and comes from Boise St.  That being said, it doesn't change my profile on the kid!  He has first round talent and the team that drafts him in any round should be very happy and be able to start him right away.  He has good special teams talent, which makes him a player who can impact immediately as he works his way into the line up. It will be interesting to see how far Kyle can work his way up into the early rounds of this draft after the combine and Senior Bowl.  Kyle plays the game effortlessly and that, along with the style of defense, is keeping Kyle under the radar at this point of the draft.  


Drew Boylhart  1/10