Mardy Gilyard  WR  Cincinnati


 Round 1


Mardy is a lanky wide receiver with good speed and excellent quickness.  He does a very nice job adjusting to the ball while it is in the air. He has those soft hands that will allow him to catch passes from quarterbacks that throw the ball with extra velocity.  Mardy is a smart route runner and will even adjust his route during the play.  He does a solid job of being on the same page as his QB in reading the blitz at the college level.  He is skinny, but has deceiving strength.  As a returner on special teams, he is a weapon because he runs with excellent vision and the fear of being tackled.  Mardy is conscious of taking the big hit over the middle, but not overly cautious.  His game on the field has really matured from last year.  Last year, this kid played with some ghosts.  Going over the middle was a big problem in the past.  This year he has been a ghost buster and those problems seem to have disappeared.  Mardy reminds me of Marvin Harrison (former WR Indianapolis Colts). 



If you asked me last year to profile Mardy, I would have told you that he had excellent talent, but his fear to take a hit over the middle would affect his ability to produce at the NFL level.  This kid saw ghosts all over place on the field last year.  His dramatic improvement this year in this area is unusual and you have to wonder when he gets hit at the next level going over the middle, will the ghosts come back to haunt him?!



When Marvin Harrison came out in the draft, I said he would never make it because of his size and fear to take a hit over the middle.  The Colts were smart -- and if you noticed, Marvin was never asked to run a lot of routes over the middle unless it was a route that he could settle down and stop, then go.  He did some crossing routes as he matured; however, at first, the coaches fit the routes to his skills and ability to impact.  That's smart coaching and Mardy, at the next level, needs that type of coaching so the ghosts of his past do not come back to haunt him.  This kid is a potential weapon because of his special team talents and his ability to catch the ball.  He is an impact player who will need to be double teamed in the future because he is smart and understands the need to think like a QB.  No matter what round Mardy is drafted in, I know that he will be thankful and play his heart out.  I just hope he never forgets how far he has come in his personal life and football life this year.  I call him Mardy (Ghost Buster) Gilyard because he ain't afraid of no more.   


Drew Boylhart  12/09