Mike Iupati   OG   Idaho


 Round 4


Mike is a powerfully built guard.  He has excellent lower body strength and is a smart guard who does a good job at the college level blocking for the run and the pass.  Mike has excellent mental stamina and uses his hands better than most linemen do coming out in the draft.  He is a strong player and once he gets his hands on you, he seems to win most of his battles.  Mike is a solid player for his college team and looks to be an excellent teammate who leads by example on the field. 



Mike is very limited in his ability to impact at the next level.  He might be a right guard, but his athletic talent is not good enough to be a left guard.  He does not move his feet very well and is in a system that uses a lot of tight splits between offensive lineman (shoulder to shoulder) to mask the fact that his lateral agility to pass block is sufficiently lacking.   He does not go out to the second level in this system and block the LB's nor is he used in a pulling guard system very much.  I believe the reason for this is because the foot speed and balance is not there at this point of his career.  He might be very good in a zone blocking scheme because he does an excellent job timing up with his teammates on the offensive line when the situation calls for it. 



Mike looks to be a good teammate and a hard worker; however, in offensive line blocking schemes used by his college team I'm not sure why anyone would suggest that Mike is a top guard for this draft.  With hard work and the right system, anything is possible.  But I will tell you right now that Mike is not a left guard for the next level no matter what system he is in.  That doesn't mean he can't play,  it just means that, in my opinion, most people have Mike rated way too high.  I know that I have been wrong before...the problem is that I'm not wrong very often!   

Drew Boylhart  12/09