Mike Johnson  OL  Alabama


 Round 1



Mike is a smart, talented left guard who has the athletic talent to play more than one position on the offensive line.  He is quick enough off the snap when blocking for the running game.  Mike has good balance and quick feet that get him out to the second level for a screen or to take LB's out.  He shows very good lateral agility when pass blocking and is strong enough to handle the bull rush.  He's also quick enough to adjust his blocking assignment to handle any stunts thrown at him.  Mike shows good mental stamina to be an excellent left guard in the NFL and looks to me on film that he could play Left Tackle, Right Tackle and either guard position. 



Mike will need to go to the combine and prove through agility drills that he can play the left tackle position.  If he can do that, he will shoot up the charts faster than a teenage boy turning off his computer to hide his porno sites from mom who's knocking on the bedroom door. 



Mike is a starting left guard right now.  He should be able to start for the team that drafts him at that position the day after you the draft. That means he has first round talent.  What will dictate at what point in the draft Mike will fall will depend if he can play left tackle.  Most of the time, players like Mike get drafted in the second or third round but the need for "ready to play" offensive lineman is so great in the NFL that I would not be surprised at all if Mike is drafted in the first round by a playoff team needing good offensive linemen.  If Mike proves that he can play the left tackle position, he could move up into the top fifteen in this draft, so keep track of Rob's value board for this kid.  No matter where he's picked, Mike is ready to plug in to your offensive line and play at a high level right away.  Mike has pro bowl potential at a few different offensive line positions, which, for me, makes him a player I believe smart teams will be dying to draft early.  I call him Mike (Incognito) Johnson because right now he is playing his position at a very high level and nobody seems to notice. 


Drew Boylhart  11/09