Morgan Burnett  S  Georgia Tech 


 Round 5



Morgan has excellent speed and good size to play the rover position at the college level.  He does a good job when he keeps the play in front of him.  He gives good effort when he is defending against both the run and the pass.  Because of his speed, he has been used as a single free safety at times for his college team.  Morgan will have good workouts and will show a lot of athleticism. 



Morgan is not a very good open field tackler.  He takes poor angles, drops his head, gives a half-hearted effort in wrapping up and in general is not going to make anyone think twice about getting hit over the middle.  He shows solid cover skills, but hesitates and freezes when an offense runs TEs and slot receivers right at him.  Right now, he is very susceptible to double moves, play action and is not physical in any aspect of his game. 



One thing I will say about Morgan is that he is fast and shows good quickness.  He looks like he might have some return value on special teams, but that is a stretch on my part because I 'm not sure if he was used in that capacity.  It is a shame that Morgan played the rover position for his team because for Morgan it would have been better if he just played safety or cornerback and learned one position.  Moving him around has caused him to hesitate when making decisions.  Right now he needs the play in front of him to have any impact at all.  I think if he learned some drag down tackling techniques, he might become a solid zone cover corner sometime in the future.  However, for the purposes of this draft, I have to say that Morgan with all of his athletic skills is going to struggle at the next level to become the player his talents suggest that he can become. 


Drew Boylhart  3/10