Pat Angerer  LB  Iowa


 Round 1



Pat is one of the top middle linebackers in this draft.  He has excellent athletic talent to defend against the run and the pass.  He is a coach on the field and makes the players around him better.  Pat will attack the hole, take on and shed the block then make a tackle like the old time LB's use to do.  He uses instincts, leverage and football intelligence to gain advantage over those big offensive lineman who try to block him on running plays.  When defending against the pass, Pat has the athletic talent and speed to flip his hips and stay with his opponent in man-to-man coverage.  In a zone defense, his drops are exact while making sure the other players are set to play their responsibilities before the play is in motion.  Pat is a middle linebacker who will direct your defense while making impact plays.  I call him Pat (Attack) Angerer because the defense he is in will attack the strength of your offense, then prey on your weakness to overcome.



I have heard the rumors and I'm here to tell you, do not listen to the person behind the curtain.  Pat is not too small to be a MLB for the next level.  Those statements are just noise meant to affect Pat's possible ranking in this draft by some very smart people.  These are strategically planned communications which, once out there, everyone who wants to be someone will repeat.  There are lots of powerful, smart, instinctive, small of statute middle linebackers that have been great in the NFL.



Let me send this "subliminal message" out  to everyone in this draft:  Pat Angerer will be an excellent Pro Bowl linebacker for the team smart enough to draft him.  Profiling players is simple when you see a player like Pat on the field.  Looking for a player's negatives to purposely outweigh a player's positives is a profiler who believes the glass is half empty.  I profile with the thought that the glass is half full.  If the only issue that a person has with a player is his size then, in my opinion, it is not an issue.  If you watch Pat play and you come away with the excuse that he is too small and you have nothing else negative to say about his play, then I would think that Pat is a very good player because there are a lot of high-impact players in the NFL who are supposedly too small.  Rob is going to show you what round Pat will be drafted.  I'm going to tell that Pat is one of the top linebackers in this draft.  Believe it, because I watch the film. 


Drew Boylhart   1/10