Patrick Robinson  CB  Florida St


 Round 1



Patrick has excellent size, strength, speed and quickness to play his position. He has the athletic talent to play man-to-man coverage and the intelligence to be an excellent zone coverage CB.  Patrick is a solid tackler and does a very good job coming up to support the run on sweeps to his side.  He is a wrap-up tackler and is big enough and smart enough to play CB or Safety at the next level.  Patrick has the potential to be a physical shut down #1 CB at the next level for the team that drafts him. 



Patrick hasn't had a chance to develop all of his talents because of some off field issues in his past.  My information on those issues makes me question Patrick's ability to think for himself and the leadership skills that a #1 CB needs to be successful.  I think he just got caught up in a situation that looked easy to get away with.  It looks like these issues are behind him -- that he has learned from it and moved on.  He showed continuous improvement in his play on the field this year.



Every time I see this kid play, his confidence grows by leaps and bounds.  He seems to want to take on the challenge of the best receiver on the field.  He makes mistakes, but he still has room to grow in his football intelligence, instincts and physically abilities.  By the time we get to the draft, Patrick is going to become a hot commodity because of his size and the marked improvement he's shown this past year.  He has special team skills that can be used right away for the team that drafts him.  As I said before, Patrick has the talent to be a shut down corner and as long as his maturity issues are behind him and he continues to work hard to improve himself, he should be an excellent draft choice.  Patrick reminds me a little of Quentin Jammer (CB - San Diego Chargers). 


Drew Boylhart  11/09