Perrish Cox  CB  Oklahoma St 


 Round 4



Perrish has the size, strength, speed, solid change of direction skills and football intelligence to be a 1st round draft pick in this draft.  He is a big cornerback that all teams need to defend against the tall, strong, long striding wide receivers in the NFL.  He has the size to defend against the fade pass in the end zone and he has the size to tackle those big receivers and limit the run-after-catch yardage.   There is no reason why Perrish should not be considered in the top fifteen picks of this draft except for one little itsy bitsy problem:  he doesn't play up to his talent! 



Parrish doesn't like to tackle and uses poor techniques.  He drops his head and, instead of attacking the line of scrimmage on sweeps, he waits, lays back and accepts the block, then tries to get off to make a tackle.  It looks to me on film that Perrish does not like contact.  Even when he tries to use bump techniques on the line of scrimmage, most receivers can punch and back him off and gain separation right off the line.   Also, when he is in coverage, he spends too much time looking back into the backfield hoping that he can jump the route and make a play on the ball.  He will get beat on double moves and play action for the rest of his career because of this.  Perrish looks the part, but the truth is, he does not play the part.  He is looking for the money; unfortunately, I don't think that he has the pride to show up and compete after he gets that money.



Personally, I would "Perrish" the thought of drafting this kid (I know, terrible pun right?).  I don't like players who have the kind of talent this kid has and and never bother to work hard to get better.  If you draft Perrish in the first round, he will show up for the first year of his contract and the last year of his contract.  This is what I see when I watch Perrish on film and see all the talent, but the lack of consistency and toughness to tackle and the careful way he plays his position.  Maybe he is trying to keep himself from getting injured so that he can go to the combine.  Perrish is not a boom or bust player.  He is a...boom, bust, bust, boom...sign-a-free-agent-contract bust player no matter what round you draft him in.  Wait a second, maybe I'm wrong!  Maybe he's a boom, boom, hold-out-for-a-new-contract bust player.  You never know!


Drew Boylhart  2/10