Reshad Jones  S  Georgia  


 Round 5



Reshad has the size and speed ratio that you look for in a safety who might be able to play strong safety or the free safety position at the next level.   It looks like on film that he has some coverage ability and, although he is not used very much as a single safety, Reshad might have the athletic ability and football intelligence to be used that way on occasion.  Reshad has the size to be used as an in-the-box strong safety.  Reshad is a drag down tackler and some teams do not like a safety who tackles that way.  For me, I think as long as he is a sure tackler, he can make my team. 



Reshad gives the perception that he's content with his teammates making the tackle and is not the first one to the ball.  He seems to be a player who likes to come in late to the play to clean up if it's necessary.  He is not very aggressive and although, he shows some leadership abilities, it's not necessarily from his play on the field. 



I don't draft players who don't fly around the field and make plays and Reshad would fit this description -- you know, the one with no hustle.  He does his job and, if you need him, he will step up; however, he doesn't seem to go out of his way to impress you.  He reminds me of that girl you date after your very first love.  The next girlfriend is a convenience girlfriend and good enough for the time being until you recover and are ready to go out and once again get your heart broken by another true love.  Reshad is your player of convenience.  He is good to have around until you find the real deal, but he is not going to make you forget the one you had before.  


Drew Boylhart  3/10