Riley Cooper  WR  Florida 


 Round 2



Riley is an intelligent, physical receiver with strong hands and great after-catch skills.  He has the ability to get deep because he is smart and knows how to run routes to free himself up.  Riley wants the ball on third downs.  He will go over the middle without fear and fight for the ball in the air.  He knows where the first down marker is on every play and will adjust his route to make a play.  He plays with the aggressiveness that all potential #1 wide receivers need to have to be successful.  Riley is a QB's best friend and will be an offensive coordinator's best friend as well.  He has solid overall athletic skills.  He reminds me a lot of Terrell Owens (WR...well, for just about anybody), but with better hands and no baggage.  He is a good blocker, looks to have excellent mental stamina and the ability to deal with adverse situations on the field.  He shows excellent instincts when his QB is in trouble.  There are faster wide receivers in this draft, but there are not many better than Riley will be for the team that drafts him.



Riley has decided to make football his only sport.  Now that he has decided that and has started to train as a football player, you will see a marked improvement in his quickness.  This should help him in separating better in his route running and make him even more of an overall weapon with the potential to become a #1 wide receiver for the team that drafts him.  How well Riley can gain separation will decide if he is just a possession zone receiver or if he can win man-to-man match-ups.   Riley will need to improve his upper body strength to deal with the bump techniques that will be used against him to slow him down in third and short yardage situations.



Now that Riley has decided to give football his full attention, there is no doubt in my mind that he can become a #1 WR.  He has a good work ethic, but he will have to get stronger to take the pounding.  Additionally, he will have to increase his quickness off the line to gain the attention from defensive coordinators that a Terrell Owens received.  Riley right now is being looked at as a possession receiver who can work zone defenses, move the chains and be a weapon inside the red zone.  The truth is that Riley has more talents and abilities that should be developed once he adds more bulk to his body and works on his quickness.  He has the athletic talent, but I feel because he has not been totally committed to football that he has not developed all of his physical talents.  I'm not sure what round Riley will be drafted in, but I am sure of this:  draft him and you will never be sorry.  The kid has the talent to be a #1 wide receiver. 


Drew Boylhart  3/10