Rob Gronkowski  TE  Arizona  


 Round 1



Rob is "Robo" tight end.  By that I mean, if he reaches his potential to impact at the NFL level, Rob will be the standard by which all future tight ends will be measured.  First, Rob is an excellent blocker.  He can block on the move and in open space or he can be used as an inline blocker.  He has quick feet and uses his athleticism and quickness to defeat opponents.  Rob loves contact.  He loves to block and you can see it in his effort on every play.  In spite of his talents and skills to catch the ball, Rob never seems to get frustrated with just being used as a blocker.  Rob shows excellent hands to go along with his quickness.  It would not surprise me if he is one of the few players at the combine or at his workouts to run the forty with 4.44 sp.  Rob has the speed and athleticism to be a wide receiver if a team chooses to use him in that capacity.  As a tight end, Rob loves to catch the ball and bull his way for as many yards after the catch that he can get for his team.  He is a complete tight end with a nasty streak that reminds me a lot of Mike Ditka (former HOF tight end, Chicago Bears) only faster.  Rob, like Mike, has the ability to revolutionize the tight end position.  That being said, he is not near to reaching all of his potential as of this writing.



Rob won't be much of anything if he is not able to stay on the field and stay healthy.  Rob may need to change his body fat ratio to better hold up to the pounding he is going to take at the next level as injuries have been a big issue.  Rob also needs to learn to run his routes much better than he does right now.  He has Vernon Davis speed, but as we have seen with Vernon, speed alone does not make you a star at the NFL level.  Rob runs his routes in a very rudimentary fashion at this point of his career.  If he wants to impact in the passing game in a consistent fashion, he has to learn to run routes better.  Rob also has to learn to read defenses along with his QB.  He has to learn when to cut off routes because of blitzes, etc.  Rob runs routes just like they are written up on a blackboard.  That is not reality and for a QB to gain confidence, throw the ball and get it out on time, Rob needs to understand the QB position better than he does right now.  All of these issues (except for injuries), I'm sure Rob will continue to work hard on and overcome to be successful at the next level. 



Rob has the ability to impact in the NFL the day after you draft him.  His athletic ability has been groomed since he was a child and his ability to wow the scouts at a workout will be something that few scouts and GM's will ever forget if this kid is healthy.  I had to go back to  the 2008 tapes and watch the Arizona vs Washington game.  Rob took a tight end screen pass and looked like a Maserati racing against a bunch of Volkswagen beetles to the end zone to score a touchdown.  It was remarkable and showed that just getting the ball into this kid's hands at any point on the field could be a game changing play.  If this kid is healthy and can work out, you will see him fly up the boards fast because of his pure speed, athleticism and his love of contact.  I call him Rob (Robo) Gronkowski because it's almost like Rob was put together from all the good parts of former tight ends to make the one tight end of all tight ends. 


Drew Boylhart  2/10