Sean Canfield  QB  Oregon St


 Round 1


Sean is a tall, thin, left-handed QB with a gun for an arm.  He plays in a pro style offense, stands tall in the pocket and can make all the throws needed to be an excellent QB for the next level.  Sean is calm in the pocket, has very good technique and shows excellent accuracy.  He comprehends situational football and is starting to understand that not every play needs to go for big yardage to be a successful play.  Sean, at this point of his career, leads by his play on the field and every time I have seen him plan, he has gotten significantly better. 



Sean needs to continue to have success in his play on the field.  He has potential franchise talent, but at this point, he does not have consistent franchise leadership skills.  Those still have to be developed and should come with success on the field.  Right now, he reminds me of Joe Flacco (QB Baltimore Ravens).  The difference is that Sean will stand tall in the pocket better than Flacco does.  I'm also not sure of Sean's athletic ability to throw on the run with accuracy outside the pocket, but the truth is that all he has to do is learn to slide in the pocket and move because he has the arm to reset and throw.  Sean must bulk up to take the pounding that an NFL QB will take to limit injuries.   



Comparing Sean to Tom Brady in athletic ability to play his position gives you a feeling for who he looks like when he throws from the pocket.  Just like Tom (when he came out in the draft), no one at this point can tell if Sean has the true leadership skills to go along with his athletic talent and strong arm.  Early in his career, no one thought Tom Brady would turn into the QB he is today.  Tom Brady's leadership skills were developed because he had a strong team around him and his team was winning.  In most cases, good coaching kept Brady out of situations that would make him have to win a game by himself.  This allowed him to gain the confidence in his own play; once that happened, he gained the respect of his teammates and a quiet type of leader developed.  Brady became the QB he is today because of his ability to handle a pass rush (mentally) and not panic or throw many interceptions his first year.   Joe Flacco, right now, hasn't developed that mental toughness to handle the pocket when it collapses around him and it affects his athletic talent to produce.  Sean looks to me like he has that mental toughness to throw from a collapsing pocket without it affecting his arm speed and accuracy.  When I watch Sean I just see him growing right in front of my eyes on every play.  Out of all the Senior QB's in this class, Sean, because of the pro style offense he plays in, is the QB with the quickest LTI in this draft and has as much talent as anyone else to become a franchise QB.  As we get closer to the draft and Sean goes to the Senior Bowl and combine, I suspect you will be hearing much more about this kid.  Think about it -- he is a cold weather QB with a gun for an arm...that alone makes him intriguing. 


Drew Boylhart  12/09