Sean Lee LB  Penn St 


 Round 1



Sean Lee has the athletic talent, football instincts, intelligence, decision making coach-like abilities on the field and leadership qualities that you look for in a franchise linebacker to build you defense around.  He is a head up, wrap up squeeze and drive tackler who can play any linebacker position on the field in any style defense.  Sean is excellent playing against the run and the pass.  He is very quick and has the speed and athleticism to cover (in pass defense) most wide receivers in this draft.  When defending against the run, Sean is like a comet streaking across the field to make a perfect tackle in the hole for a loss behind the line of scrimmage.  He is one of the smartest players I have seen on a football field and, barring injury will be an impact player the day after you draft him. 



Sean needs to be in a system that will allow him to flow to the play.  Don't waste his talent on a shed and block linebacker system.  The biggest problem you will have with Sean is deciding were you are going to play him.  Keeping Sean healthy is a priority.  His college career has been a history of injury problems.  To his credit, he has come back from all of them in magnificently.  That shows an excellent work ethic, but also a troubling quirk that will cause lots of teams to not want to invest first round money in him. Personally my thinking is if you down grade players because of injuries then I think half the 1st round players would not be first round players.  



I have been sitting on this profile for a long time.  I have not listed Sean in my top ten or top twenty for a reason.  I wanted to wait until Sean got to the combine, worked out and was ready to move up on everyone's draft board to at least the top 15.  For me personally I will be listing him in my final top ten.  He is just that good and the truth is the McClain from Alabama has great talent, but Sean is the best linebacker in this draft and has the quickest LTI.  Injuries have hurt this kid, but he has more talent and football instincts than the top linebacker taken in the 2009 draft last year.  Sean can rush the passer or play middle linebacker and stuff the run or play in man to man coverage in pass defense.  He makes the players around him better through his play on the field.  Defensive Coordinators wives will be wondering why their husbands are dreaming more about Sean and not about them.  This kid must stay healthy to impact, but if he does, he will make your team's defense one of a kind.  That's why I call him Sean (one of a kind) Lee.


Drew Boylhart  2/10