Sean Weatherspoon  LB  Missouri   


 Round 1



Sean has decent size and very good speed to play the linebacker position.  He is fast and shows an excellent burst to the play to make a tackle.  Sean likes to attack the line of scrimmage to make a tackle.  He has good not great change of direction skills and does a very nice job dropping into zone coverage.  Sean shows leadership skills through his play on the field.  He has the talent to be an impact middle linebacker in a 4-3 defense because he can cut down angles in the running game and has the speed to go sideline-to-sideline. 



Sean is a little sloppy when he tackles.  He struggles to wrap up because he is playing out of control.  In the running game, he over runs plays, takes bad angles and is not the type of linebacker that likes to engage, shed his blocker and then make a tackle.  Sean likes to be in a system that will allow him to run free to the play.  He doesn't have great change of direction skills, so taking the right angles to make a tackle is imperative or Sean will miss his opportunity to make a play.  Sean needs to calm down, play more in control and not try to make every play himself.  He needs to learn to set others up to make tackles and propel the players around him to be better by directing them and communicating more with them about what he is seeing before a play is snapped. 



Sean has Ray Lewis talent, but he struggles to control that talent.  He needs to slow down and gain better control of his overall play before he can become the impact player his talents suggest that he can become. Physically, Sean has the tools, but mentally he still has to mature and let his natural leadership skills catch up.  Sean could easily be drafted in the first round and if I needed a future MLB with the potential to be a Ray Lewis style of linebacker, I would draft Sean in the first round. But you will have to wait for him to become a complete MLB and that should happen with good coaching, repetition and experience.

Drew Boylhart  2/10