Selvish Capers  OT  West Virginia


 Round 4


Selvish has good size, strength and overall athletic talent to play more than one position on the offensive line.  He has the foot quickness and the lateral agility to mirror his opponent when pass blocking.  He has an excellent punch that stops his opponent in their tracks.  Selvish has long arms that will benefit him at the tackle position at the next level.  As far as I can tell, Selvish has the athletic talent to do whatever he wants to do on the football field, but.... he doesn't.



I'll keep it real simple.  Selvish is lazy!  He refuses to learn to block correctly for the run and gives up when he gets beat when pass blocking. When pass blocking, he back pedals and is off balance and on his heels.  In the NFL someone will see that and knock him to the ground every time he does it.  Those bad and lazy techniques will take time to correct in the NFL.  Most, if not all, of his success at the college level is based on his athletic talent and size.  He lacks the work ethic, strength in both his upper and lower body, and mental stamina to  warrant any team drafting Selvish as high as his athletic talent suggests.   All of this can be corrected if Selvish wants to work hard.  I'm not convinced he will.



Selvish has the athletic talent to be as good a tackle as Jason Peters of the Philadelphia Eagles.  But he must develop a better work ethic.  Right now (IMO) if you draft this kid in the first round, his lack of maturity to deal with first round responsibilities is a real problem.  Selvish is going to have to enter the NFL with a chip on his shoulder to succeed.  He has the talent to be a very good left tackle in the NFL but right now he is playing right tackle for the Mountaineers.  That alone should suggest something to somebody interested in drafting Selvish.  I see no passion and no pride in his play, and I see lazy techniques when he blocks in all phases of the game.  He seems totally uninterested in blocking for the run and that is a shame because if he put his mind to it I suspect that he would be an excellent run blocker.   Selvish has not improved from the first time I saw him play; in fact, he has regressed. 

Drew Boylhart  12/09