Syd'Quan Thompson  CB  California


 Round 1


Syd'Quan is an excellent cornerback with all the athletic talent, instincts and intelligence that a Pro Bowl corner needs to be successful in the NFL.  He is a strong tackler, is very physical and plays with effortless speed and quickness.  He has excellent hands and could play on either side of the ball if he wants to.  Syd'Quan is an excellent special teams player and will impact on special teams the day after you draft him.  He has strong athletic talent, instincts, football intelligence and leadership skills -- plus, he can play in any style defense you need him to play in and impact right away.   



There is one reason and one reason only why Syd'Quan most likely will not be considered in the first round of this draft:  he is vertically challenged.  Just like Antoine Winfield (Pro Bowl starting CB) who was a 1st round pick of the Buffalo Bills and who now plays for the Minnesota Vikings, he does it against all size WR's at a Pro Bowl level.



Syd'Quan is an impact player who, in most cases, will have to prove that he can handle the big, tall wide receivers that he will be required to cover in the NFL.  Until he does that, most coaches and GM's will not consider him in the first round of this draft.  But if Syd'Quan goes to the senior bowl and proves that he has no problems in coverage, then he just might move himself into the first and be drafted by a playoff team.   He has more than enough talent and will be on the field and impact for the team that drafts him right away, but you know the NFL.  They would rather draft less talented, taller players instead of players like Syd'Quan...go figure!  Every year we go through this with players that are not the perfect height:  Darren Sproles,  Maurice Jones Drew, Ray Rice, Antoine Winfield, and many other small of stature corners, running backs, receivers etc.  All are usually drafted later in the draft than they should be and none of it has to do with talent or the ability to impact at the next level.  It all has to do with height.  You talk about discrimination!  If your team drafts Syd'Quan in any round, you are going to get a hell of a football player that will impact for your team right away.  It's just that simple! 


Drew Boylhart  12/09