Terrence Cody  DT  Alabama


 Round 2



Terrence has remarkable athletic talent for his size.  He is quick and strong and plays the game of football with power and passion.  He shows excellent straight line quickness and must be double teamed by opponents  to run the ball effectively against his college team.  Terrence shows quick feet along with good effort and can be very disruptive when he gets into the back field.  He is at his best in goal line situations because of his quickness and strength to move the line of scrimmage to his advantage.  Terrence plays football with the same athletic talent as Ted Washington and the passion of William (The Refrigerator) Perry.



With all of his talent and passion, there are a ton of question marks about Terrence and his ability to consistently be successful at the next level.  The first question is his work ethic.  Right now he is a better athlete than the players he is up against and  that will not be enough at the next level. He has a tendency to play to the level of his competition.  He is carrying too much weight, which will affect his quickness off the line of scrimmage and add to potential injuries.  I'm not sure how coachable this kid is.  He just plays without much thought to what his responsibilities are.  Right now, he is playing for the cameras.  It is concerning to me that, even with all of his talent, he is being used in a rotation system until he loses weight. 



When you look in the dictionary for the meaning of a boom or bust player I suspect you will see Terrence Cody's picture and no need for a definition.  It's just that simple.   The best thing that could happen to this kid would be if he is drafted much later than most  people will rate him.  That might give him the chip on his shoulder that I feel he will need to fulfill his contractual obligations for the team that drafts him.  Right now, Terrence is marching to the beat of his own drum and doing it while he is playing for a very tough minded coach.  The Alabama coaching staff has only been able to get through to this kid by suggesting to Terrence that he will only be an every down lineman when he loses weight.  Terrence has decided that when he is good and ready he will get into better shape and he really doesn't care if he is on the field all the time or not.  Here is the catch... I suspect the closer we get to the big games, the more weight this kid will lose and then you will see him on the field more often.  Terrence recently has been taking his helmet off whenever he makes an impact play in a game.  He has been running at full speed off the field after he makes an impact play.  There is a reason for this, but for me, that reason works opposite of what I feel Terence is trying to accomplish.  I'm not impressed by these actions because I suspect those actions are being done to play to the cameras and make Terence a higher draft choice then he deserves to be -- smart kid, maybe too smart.  Terence's enormous athletic talent is not in question for me.  For me the question is will Terence fulfill his contractual obligations or will he show up only when he feels he should show up?  Will Terrence be coachable and will he be in control of his weight so that he can stay on the field injury free?  Is Terence interested in learning his responsibilities or will he continue to just play the way he wants to play.  Will Terence change his work ethic, learn how to work with his teammates and develop better defensive lineman moves?.  All of these things Terence can do whenever he wants to.  The problem will be when does he want to?  Ted Washington had these same problems when he first came into the league and even with all of his athletic talent  jumped around from team to team because of his attitude.  Ted Washington made every defensive line better with every team he played with.  I know Terrence will go to the combine and impress every one with his amazing athletic talent but it is not his athletic talent that I question.  Remember... it takes more than talent to play in the NFL.  Terrence has first round talent, but fourth round question marks.  That makes him a perfect 2nd round draft choice for me.


Drew Boylhart  11/09