Thaddeus Gibson  LB/DE  Ohio St 


 Round 4



Thaddeus has the athletic talent to impact at the next level.  He has good speed along with an excellent burst to rush the passer.  He can get into the backfield and disrupt very quickly.  Thaddeus looks the part of an NFL player.  He has long legs and long arms  and looks to be in very good shape.  In fact, I would say that he must take very good care of his body and is in NFL football shape.  Add all of this together and you would think that Thaddeus would be a first round talent.  Think again.  Unfortunately for Thaddeus, it takes more than talent and being in shape to play at the NFL level.



Where do I start?  Thaddeus is a pretty boy playing a contact sport.  He can rush the passer if he is not blocked.  In fact, that is his biggest strength.  He does an excellent job trailing a play and watching other teammates tackle a player instead of using his speed and chasing them down.  He has to have the play in front of him and struggles to drop off the line of scrimmage into pass coverage.  He is handled one on one by the water boy when he is being blocked in the run game.  But I will say this...when he is not blocked at all, he can rush the passer with the best of them.



Thaddeus' talents are way beyond his production on the field.  He lacks the overall instincts and football intelligence right now to be consider as anything but a situational pass rusher/special teams player who will produce if he is not blocked.  I'm sure some team will think they can coach this kid up because of his athletic talent and draft him in the first two days of this draft.  For me personally, if you are a starting defensive end for a big time program who has the 1st round athletic talent that Thaddeus has, I would think you would be talked about very highly and not just be considered an after thought after you worked out at the combine.  Think about it!


Drew Boylhart  3/10