Tim Tebow  QB  Florida


 Round 1


Tim is a strong powerful multi-talented football player.  He has a good strong arm with good accuracy and velocity.  He is very smart and understands situational football.  Tim is the type of player who leads by example and could motivate a tree to cut itself down to save the rest of the forest.  He has improved in all aspects of his game this year.  He makes more plays from the pocket than in the past and since his concussion has learned to stay with the play and continue to look down field when flushed from the pocket.  He shows excellent touch and accuracy when throwing the deep ball and has improved his feel and touch when throwing to the backs out of the back field this year.  Tim Tebow is mentally strong and athletically talented.  He is decisive on and off the field.  He loves playing football and loves being in a leadership position and yet he is humble enough and confident enough in his abilities to have the respect of his teammates and coaches. 



Tim works from a spread offense, does not read defenses, gets all his plays from his coach after his opponent is set, does not look off his hot read, pulls the ball down and runs when his first receiver is covered.  When Tim runs he does not set up his blocks, looks for contact, runs too up right, puts his head down and looks for contact... and none of these negatives are reasons for me to think that Tim will not be a great QB at the next level... because he will!  



Tim is motivated by something that all the great players in any sport are motivated by. Some players need to be the best and to win because that is the only way those athletes can celebrate and repay the talent that has been given to him.  Some do it out of respect to their parents who have worked so hard to allow them the chance to be successful.  Tim seems to be motivate by both along with the need not to let down his teammates or coaches.  There are no negatives to Tim's game that he will not overcome to be the best QB that he can be.  He is smart and very coachable and that along with his athletic talent (and his will to be the best player that he can be) is enough for me to tell you that Tim is a franchise QB just waiting to be drafted by a team in need of his talents and leadership.  Forget about Tim playing another position.  Tim is a natural QB in waiting.  Those of you out there who have decided that Tim's negatives out weigh his positives do not understand what it takes to play in the NFL.  It takes more then talent to play in the NFL and Tim has so much more than just talent.  I call him Tim (Spartacus) Tebow because he will lead your team out of drafting in the top ten.

Drew Boylhart  11/09