Toby Gerhart  RB  Stanford


 Round 1



Toby is a smart, powerful and versatile RB who has excellent quickness to the hole.  He shows good balance as well as lean and quick feet.  He is a very good blocker and understands situational football.  Toby doesn't set up his blockers, but he sure knows how to follow them through the hole to get to the second level.  He is fast enough to turn the corner and powerful enough to run through the tackles.  When Toby gets past the line of scrimmage, he shows another gear and, along with his power, that gear makes it very difficult for safeties and CB's to tackle him.  He shows very good hands out of the backfield and down the field.  Toby is a weapon.  He is the type of player who gives an offense the versatility it needs to be successful. 



All Toby needs is for NFL coaches to realize how much of a weapon a player with Toby's skills is.  Toby doesn't have 4.3 speed, but that doesn't mean that Toby is not an impact player.  Give him a chance to play and you will see for yourself.



Toby reminds me of a player who helped make the West Coast Offense successful when the 49ers first introduced it.  Anybody who played with Tom Rathman will tell you that the success of that offense was due to Tom Rathman's versatility.  He could block like a fullback, run like a running back, move like an H-back, catch the ball down the field like a TE and pick up blitzes in the passing game like an offensive tackle.  Tom Rathman was listed as a fullback, but the truth is that Tom was an every down back.  Toby Gerhart has this type of talent -- he's versatile, has football intelligence and, if used correctly, will become an every down back for the team that drafts him.  The purpose of giving you a talent grade with the players that I profile is not to suggest to you what round a player will be drafted in (Rob's Value Board is meant to do that).  My talent grades are simply intended to give you my opinion on the kind of impact a player will have for the team that drafts him and to project that particular player's "length to impact" or "length til impact", or LTI.  Draft Toby in any round you want - all I'm telling you is that if you draft him and get him on the field, he will impact for you right away just like a first round talent is supposed to impact for you.  So ... he doesn't run a 4.3 in the forty.  Who gives a rat's butt?!  If the kid can get on the field and make an immediate impact, isn't that what drafting players is all about?   I call him Toby (Gear Head) Gerhart because every offense needs to get into gear before it can get going and Toby is just that gear to get your offense going.  


Drew Boylhart  11/09