Tony Moeaki  TE  Iowa 


 Round 1



Tony is a complete Tight End.  By that I mean that he is a good inline blocker and has the athleticism to block on the move as an H-back or fullback.  He has excellent hands to catch the ball and can adjust to the ball while it is in the air. Tony shows great speed and excellent quickness when he runs his routes.  He looks to be a good teammate and will do anything to catch the ball or make a block to move the chains on third downs.  Tony seems to be a quality kid who has Pro Bowl written all over him.  I call him Tony (The Clone) Moeaki because he reminds me so much of Tony Gonzales (TE Falcons).  



Tony just needs to get bigger and add some bulk.  He needs to get stronger in his lower body to gain a better base when blocking inline.  The truth is that I don't think people realize how good this kid is catching the ball.



If you are looking for a Tony Gonzalez clone, then you have just found him.  The big difference between the talent of these two players right now is that Tony G knows how to run routes better and understands how to put a player on his back to catch the ball.  Tony M right now just uses his quickness to gain separation in his pass routes.  Tony M will learn that his quickness will not do at the NFL level and he will have to run smarter routes to get free on those obvious passing downs that everyone in the stadium knows is going to be a pass to the Tight End.  After Tony M learns this, the cloning will have been complete.  As I said before, Tony Moeaki is a complete tight end with the size and athleticism that does not come together often.  If you need a complete tight end who has the potential to add to your offense what Tony Gonzalez adds to an offense, I think you should think hard about drafting Tony (The Clone) Moeaki.  


Drew Boylhart  2/10