Tony Pike  QB  Cincinnati


 Round 4



Tony is a tall QB with lanky arms and legs.  He has a good, strong arm and can make all the throws needed to be a starting QB at the next level.  Tony is a pure pocket passer with good agility to move out of the pocket if he is flushed.  He has a strong enough arm to throw on the run with good velocity.  Tony shows developing leadership skills and looks to have an excellent competitive nature.   He has some nice developmental talents for the next level because of his size and arm strength.  When Tony throws in rhythm, he looks the part of a prime time QB. 



Tony does not have the bulk to take the pounding of an every down QB in the NFL.  He lacks consistency and accuracy when he is in the pocket and also when he is flushed from the pocket.  Tony does not have the decision making abilities that you would expect a four year college QB to have at this point in his career.  His leadership skills are lacking because he is not consistent enough for his teammates to have complete faith in his ability to make the big play at the important times in a game.   Tony has developmental skills, but his lack of consistency may be a signal of a lack of work ethic.  He just doesn't show the growth a QB should have who has been in a college program for four years.



Tony is the type of QB that once he works out (and shows his arm strength) will make scouts, GM's and coaches try and justify his negatives.  It's really easy... this is the only year I know of that Tony has worked hard to be a good QB.  Add that to his ability to get injured because of his slight frame and it is hard for me to suggest that Tony should be drafted in the first two days of this draft.  I'm not convinced of his leadership skills because I'm not certain his new work ethic isn't temporary.  Tony will look great in workouts.  When he stays in the pocket and throws in rhythm, he definitely looks the part.  But to me when he plays in a game, he looks the part of a good back-up QB because of all of his negatives.  I'm not wild about drafting players when I think they will be good back-up players.  I want players who want to be more than that.  If you draft Tony in the later rounds, you have nothing to lose and in the future, he just might be a pretty good QB.  If you draft Tony in the first three rounds of this draft, that means you expect him to challenge (in the near future) to be a starting QB in the NFL.  I'm not convinced Tony wants that right now!

Drew Boylhart  11/09