Trent Williams  OT  Oklahoma


 Round 1



Trent is an imposing Offensive Tackle.  He has quick feet, long arms and shows good overall athletic talent to play his position.  He is a smart player who shows mental toughness and leadership skills through his play on the field.  He is a powerful run blocker and is quick off the snap.  Trent shows the ability to mirror his man in pass protection.  He has Pro Bowl-like talent to play more than one position on the offensive line.   



Trent needs to lose some weight to play the Left Tackle position at the next level.  He struggles with his techniques and balance when moving to the second level and blocking for the run game.   Most of his problems in this area of his game are weight related and as soon as this kid drops a bit of weight, he will become an excellent offensive lineman who can play multiple positions.



Trent is quick off the snap from a three point stance and has the power to block in the running game, which makes him more multi-dimensional than the average Left Tackle.   Trent can play right or left tackle for the team that drafts him and would be an excellent left guard.  In fact, my guess is that his natural and Pro Bowl position would be at left guard for the team that draft him.  The problem is that Trent can play tackle at a very high level and, although he might never be a Pro Bowl tackle, he still can play that position at too high a level not to use him there.   Trent is an efficient Left tackle, but he is a powerful run blocking, pass protecting left guard.  Either way, this kid is a gem and if your favorite team drafts him, you can plug him into your line immediately and forget about him for the next ten years.  I call him Trent (The Accountant) Williams because he plays left tackle with the efficiency of an accountant auditing your books just before an IRS audit.  Efficient offensive linemen are always underrated and I suspect as we get closer to the draft, Trent could be overlooked for just that reason.     


Drew Boylhart  11/09