Tyson Alualu  DT  California


 Round 1



Tyson plays the game of football like his crotch is on fire. He has good size, linebacker speed and Warren Sapp-like quickness from a three point stance.  He is strong at the point of attack, but the true strength of his overall game is his ability to disrupt a play by getting into the backfield and pass rushing.  Tyson takes on a double team easily in both the running game and passing game because he understands leverage. He will run a play down from behind sixty yards down the field.  He is a very smart player who will do what is needed of him to make a play for his team.  Tyson is the type of player for whom an offensive line coach will have to account on every down, no matter if it is a running play or a passing play.  This kid will become the focal point of your defensive front and a player around whom you can build your defense. 



If Tyson is drafted by a team that does not move him around all over the front four of their defense, then that will be a shame.  He is a player that will be more effective if he is not limited to just one position on every play.  He will still impact at one position, but he will not be as disruptive. 



Tyson's game fits a 3-4 defense, but he can still play as a DE/DT in a 4-3.  He has the speed and quickness to come at you from any  defensive line position on the field.  This is a kid who looks to be 290 lbs and plays with the speed and quickness of a LB.  He plays in a 3-4 defense now and his college coaches move this kid around that defense like a casino dealer shuffling a deck of cards.  I have seen this kid play every position on the defensive front and be disruptive, make tackles, run down plays from behind, stuff the run and make a sack from every one of those positions.  I suspect that most teams are going to suggest that Tyson is a tweener and a bit undersized.  Those are teams that lack vision.  Tyson is a player who has unique athletic talents for his size.  Shuffle this kid around your defensive front seven and you will have every offensive coordinator in the NFL having to account for him on every offensive play.  For a 3-4 defense, this kid should be a top ten pick.  For a defense that runs the conventional 4-3 defense who needs a player who can play multiple positions on your defensive front, drop off the line into coverage and rush the passer using his quickness, strength and speed then those teams also should be rating Tyson on their boards as a top ten pick.  There is no style of defense that this kid will not impact in, providing you have a coach who coaches with vision and learns to do the Alualu, Alualu shuffle!  I call him Tyson (Waldo) Alualu because he should be moved around your defense to make teams try to find out where he's lining up for that play.  Get ready fans to do the Alualu, Alualu shuffle if you have a smart defensive coordinator!         


Drew Boylhart  1/10