Zac Robinson  QB  Oklahoma St 


 Round 1



Zac has great size and athletic ability to play his position.  He has a strong arm and throws the ball with nice velocity.  He has good mechanics -- he can move in the pocket and does a good job throwing the ball on the move when breaking containment.  He looks to be a solid teammate and can manage a game plan.  Zac has had a lot of success at the college level, but this year got his first taste of the true adversity and public pressure a QB can go through from one year to the next.  This should serve him well at the next level.



This year, Zac has been inconsistent.  He leaves the pocket too soon and tries to make every play a big play.  He is staring down his receivers, holding onto the ball too long and waiting on his receivers to make their breaks before throwing the ball.  Zac seems to have lost the confidence that he has shown in his play during previous years.  He has felt the pressure of fan expectations after a very good year last year.  After this season, Zac's leadership skills, in my opinion, are in question because of his inability to deal with adversity.  I think in the long run, all of this will become a positive instead of the negative it is right now.



The LTI scores that I use for the quarterback position are different from the rest of the positions in the draft.  A 1st round Talent Board Rating (TBR) grade for a QB does not mean he is a franchise quarterback -- it just means that I feel the QB has the potential to be a starting quarterback in the league within three years.  If I think a player has franchise potential, I will identify that in the profile and if I think a player should be drafted in the first round, I'll also note that in the profile.  Zac has the potential to be a starting QB at the NFL level and I think a very good starting QB.  I think he could be as good as Tony Romo (QB Cowboys).  I think that if you need a QB who has the talent to start in the NFL and be very successful after development, you should draft Zac somewhere in the first three rounds.  Give Zac a few years and he should be able to start for your team and be a very good QB.  Remember, TBR does not mean the player will be drafted in the first round.  It just means that whenever this player is drafted, he should be a pretty good player who can start for you team and help to make your team successful within one to three years.  TBR is meant to identify a player's talent to be successful at the next level only.  Rob's value board will project the round in which he will probably be drafted.  You can't beat the two board system; it gives you both sides of the draft -- talent and value. 


Drew Boylhart  3/10