Zane Beadles  OL  Utah 


 Round 1



Zane is an excellent offensive lineman, but is another Utah player playing out of position for the next level.  Zane's impact position at the next level is as a left guard.  He is a quick-in-space, powerful run blocking offensive lineman stuck in a pass happy offensive system.  He has done an excellent job for his college team and is a solid pass blocker, but the truth is that Zane has accomplished this for his college team because of his football intelligence and by using excellent offensive line techniques.  Zane's lack of "tackle like" lateral agility is the big reason he will have to be moved inside at the next level.  He has excellent mental stamina and shows leadership skills through his play on the field.  He shows great pride in blocking for his QB, but the real strength of his game is when he run blocks.  He does a good job going to the second level and loves to pull and block.  His foot speed seems to be faster when he can pull on a running play.  He has good quickness out of his stance and shows enough change of direction skills to stay with a block in space for screen passes.  This kid has excellent technique and has survived as a left tackle by staying true to that technique.  In my opinion, Zane is the top pure guard in this draft.  The problem is that he has been playing Left Tackle and most teams will downgrade Zane because he doesn't have tackle athletic abilities.  Big mistake, big freaking mistake! 



Zane could be used as a right tackle, but his impact position for the next level is as a left guard.  Look at his combine numbers and compare them against the guards not the tackles. 



This Utah team has excellent coaching on both sides of the ball that teach fundamentals.  They don't play players who do not use those fundamentals in a game no matter how athletically gifted a player might be.  It is obvious to me that the coaches will play a player out of position over a player who has more talent if the more gifted player is not using correct fundamentals.  That is why you have to look at this team and its players in a different way than you would look at players on most other teams.  You cannot profile with blinders on.  You should not suggest that a player is not going to be a good player because they don't have the athletic ability to play the position they are playing in college at the next level.  Because of Zane's power, quickness, mental stamina and excellent blocking techniques, you cannot suggest to me that because he lacks true left tackle lateral agility that he cannot play at the next level at a different position and be a Pro Bowl caliber player.  In 1995, the Bills drafted a tackle at the 14th pick of the draft and moved him to the left guard position the day after the draft.  Reuben Brown was selected to the Pro Bowl eight consecutive years while playing for the Bills from 1996 to 2003.  Zane has this type of potential.  I wonder if I'm the only one that sees it! 

Drew Boylhart  2/10