AJ Green   WR   Georgia


 Round 1


AJ is a tall, lanky wide receiver who shows excellent quickness and hands to run routes and catch the ball.  He will fight for the ball in the air and will go over the middle with the courage that is needed to be counted on in the clutch.  AJ understands how to run routes and has a good feel for the game.  He is smart and will give good effort when blocking.  AJ has the speed to go deep and the quickness to get separation.  He possesses good run after the catch skills and wants to be counted on to make the impact plays in a big game. AJ has excellent athletic talents to be considered as a potential # 1 wide receiver for the team that drafts him. 



My biggest concern for AJ is that his body type does not match his play on the field.  I know that's confusing, so let me explain.  AJ has a very aggressive style of play similar to Terrell Owens.  The problem is that right now, AJ does not have the bulk and muscle mass to stay away from injuries if he continues to play the way he plays.  Injuries will be a constant concern and will keep him off the field.  AJ will have to get bigger and stronger without it affecting his speed or quickness. I'm not sure his body type will allow for much growth. 



There is nothing wrong with AJ 's play on the field, but like I said, his aggressiveness and run after the catch play is in conflict with his body type for the next level.  If AJ plays more like Plaxico Burress (WR - Oneida Correctional Facility and formerly of NY Giants), then he has a better chance of staying on the field and impacting.  Some wide receivers are run after the catch impact wide receivers and some are run the routes and catch the ball receivers because they can get down the field faster and are quicker in and out of their routes.  The wide receivers that can get behind the defense are just as impacting as those receivers that are run after the catch players.  The receiver that can do both is rare and may be considered franchise receivers.  If AJ can build his body up and stay on the field, then he could become a franchise receiver because he will have the strength to gain yardage after the catch and get behind the defense.  I don't like to downgrade a player because of injuries, but I do have to question AJ's style of play and how it relates to his body type.  AJ is smart and knows that run after the catch receivers are in great need in the NFL because of the blitzing.  He wants to be included in that group, but I just think for him to stay on the field and impact that he needs to re-think his style.   AJ has the ability and body type to be a Plaxico Burress type of receiver, but if he continues to try to be a Terrell Owens style of receiver, I think he will be injured often.  In my opinion, I'm just not sure I would invest top ten money in AJ.  First round at some point, yes, but top ten, I don't think so. 

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  Drew Boylhart   Jan/11