Aaron Williams   CB   Texas


 Round 1



Aaron has excellent size, strength, quickness and speed to play his position at he next level.  He shows that quick twitch that a pure cover corner has to have along with the hip flip needed to cover any style of wide receiver.  He looks on film to have very good strength and can be physical with his opponent when the system requires a corner to be physical in a bump and run style of defense.  Aaron is a smart player and plays in zone coverage just as well as he plays man-to-man coverage.  In man-to-man, he does a nice job reading the receiver for clues of when to turn and look for the ball in the air.  He looks to have strong hands for the interception and is solid in coming up to support the run around his side of the defense.  Aaron understands situational football and loves the challenge of impacting and covering his opponent's top receiver.  This kid is very underrated at this point in the draft.  Once he gets to workout at the combine, this kid will move up and quickly.



I would like to see him wrap up more when he tackles and go less for the big knock out hit like a safety.  Aaron needs to stay on the field to impact and if he continues to tackle for the big hit, he will interrupt his time on the field with injuries which, in turn, will lessen his ability to impact.



It would not surprise me at all to see Aaron moving up magically on most teams' boards after the combine as the 2nd best corner in this draft.  First, no one talks about him or notices that he has even entered the draft until "Abracadabra!", he appears on all the teams' boards.  In fact, some may consider him the best pure corner in this draft ahead of Peterson because some may think Peterson might fit the safety position at the next level.  For me personally, Peterson can do both, but Aaron is definitely a corner and not a safety.  He has all the skills you look for in a cover corner and with his ability to come up and support the run with the passion that he does, you could not ask for anything more in a CB for the next level.  Right now, this kid is a sleeper, but as I said, I don't suspect he will be after the combine.  There is no team in this draft that does not need talent like Aaron has, which makes him the type of player that could be selected at any point in the draft.  I believe he is a first rounder, but as you THR veterans know, Rob's board will have a better handle on where Aaron might be selected in this draft.  Aaron plays with excellent passion -- add to that his natural talent and football intelligence and "Abracadabra!", you have yourself a future Pro Bowl cornerback.  I call him Aaron (Abracadabra) Williams because at first, you don't hear anything about him, but expect some magic at the combine to really move Aaron up the boards! 


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 Drew Boylhart   Feb/11