Adrian Clayborn   DE/OLB   Iowa


 Round 1


Adrian is a smart, quick defensive lineman who shows leadership skills through his play on the field.  He is very coachable and looks to be an excellent teammate.  He has good size, strength and speed and has a variety of pass rushing moves that, along with his quickness, speed and burst will make him a pass rushing nightmare for the next level.  Adrian is a head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler with excellent instincts and when he uses his quickness, he can shed a block and make a tackle when defending against the run.  He is the type of player who might be downgraded in this draft because he is a team player and is very coachable.  However, trust me when I say that Adrian, used correctly, will become a nightmare for offensive coordinators to deal with at the next level in the near future.



Adrian is playing with too much weight. I think if he loses weight and shows some linebacker skills in the combine and Senior Bowl, you will see people talking about Adrian in a more positive manner.   Adrian has a little bit of a macho attitude that makes him think that he can use strength at the next level to stop the run.  Adrian has to learn better techniques to stop the run to be successful at his position in the NFL,.  



In Adrian's junior year he was in a defense that used his quickness and attacking attitude to become one of the more disruptive players in all of college.  He reminded me a lot at the time of Charles Haley (former DE/OLB Cowboys & 49ers).  Adrian, in his junior year, was quick, strong, powerful, instinctive and a disruptive force that had to be accounted for on every play.  You never knew where he was going to line up.  He did the job that Clay Mathews does now for the Green Bay Packers.  Then Iowa had to go to a different style of defense to protect its young linebackers.  Now Adrian looks like he gained weight, and is playing more of a pure two gap DE position.  This is not his strength; however, to his credit, he is doing a very good job.  If he is not double teamed on big plays, he is still disruptive but he is not as impacting and looks to most people (Not me) to be a bit of a tweener.  I don't believe in down grading a player because he listens to his coaches' and is a good teammate.  Adrian is an attacking front seven player who, if slimmed down and moved around a defense to be used in an attack-style approach on every play regardless of down or distance, will become a nightmare for the opposing team -- very much like Clay Mathews (Packers) and Brian Orakpo (Redskins).  I would guess that if Adrian slims down to about 260 Lbs you will have yourself the type of player you can build your defense around.  Adrian has the type of burst and explosion to the play that helps to make him that unique style of player who is disruptive on every play if he is moved around the defense and allowed to attack the line of scrimmage.  Slim him down, move him around, let him attack and use his instincts and trust me he will not be a tweener...he will become a recurring nightmare to the offensive coordinators in the NFL.  That's why I call him Adrian (Nightmare) Clayborn. 


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Drew Boylhart   Nov/10