Allen Bailey   DE/DT   Miami


 Round 4



Allen has the size and athletic ability to play his position at the next level.  He is a smart player and when he is playing Defensive End, he is one of the best at stringing out plays to his side, controlling the blocker and making tackles. Allen makes most of his tackles for losses when teams run wide to his side.  He does a good job rushing the passer and has those long arms that will allow him to knock down passes and frustrate a QB.  Allen gives good effort on every play and works within the context of the defensive game plan.  Allen may be a late bloomer and because of his size and effort, but could work out to be a solid draft choice in the future for the team that drafts him. 



Athletically, Allan has to work on improving his quickness and overall pass rushing techniques off the line.  He also must get a lot stronger.  Right now, his balance is poor after he fights through blocks and gets into the backfield when he is pass rushing.  He is a better pass rusher when he goes directly at the QB from the inside as a DT or if he has a LB on the outside of him.  He is very smart against the run to his side, but is easily fooled by play action because his head is down, his balance is poor and his lack of overall body strength.  Allan, at this point, has a long way to go before he can be considered as a potential impact defensive end for the team that drafts him in any style or defensive system.   



This is a kid that did not improve this year at all and you have to wonder why.  He has good talent, size and athletic ability which makes this even more perplexing!  All I know is this:  he is not stronger, bigger or better than he was in his junior year.  I don't have the answer except that this team had a lot of problems, which probably didn't help.  In spite of these conditions, a player who wants to be the one of the best will rise above team problems and use his play on the field as a way to improve the players around him and will lead by example.  I didn't see any of that in Allan's play this year.  Yes, he did have some good games, but his consistency all through the year was poor.  There is a light at the end of this tunnel.  Allan does an excellent job one-on-one on the outside as a defensive end against the run.  He does a poor job inside against the run.  For most people, Allan will be rated high because he does have some good athletic talent; however, for me, I have to see that athletic talent show up all the time to be a player I would select in the first three rounds.  Allen looks to me to be a good rotation defensive lineman who can help you rest a player and give you a sack or two during a game when the competition might not be the toughest.  Unfortunately, for purposes of this draft, I don't see Alan impacting on special teams and I don't see Allan impacting as a starter.  I don't see him impacting because, as I said before, I didn't see any significant improvement in his overall game this year.  Maybe others will tell you that he has "upside" or they might think they can "coach him up", but for me as a coach or an owner, I need something more than Allan's play on the field this year to think otherwise.   


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  Drew Boylhart   Jan/11