Andy Dalton   QB   TCU


 Round 2



Andy is a smart quarterback with a strong arm.  He has good size and is a very accurate passer.  He plays in a spread offense, but slings it from the pocket.  Andy shows excellent leadership qualities and looks on film to be mentally tough.  He has a good feel for the game and makes the teammates around him better.  He has a solid work ethic and has improved in the mental aspect of the game every year.  He understands that not every play needs to be successful to be a good play.  Andy understands situational football, which, along with his accuracy, intelligence and mental strength should make him a fan favorite for the team that drafts him.



As I said, Andy is in a spread offense and because of his quick decision-making abilities and the fact that he gets rid if the ball quickly, I cannot tell you how accurate Andy will be when he is under pressure.  I think Andy will need time to adjust to the speed of the NFL and pocket pressure.  I believe he has the work ethic and mental toughness to accomplish this, but the proof will be in Andy's play in the NFL.  No workouts, practices or practice games will make a difference or give anyone the right answer.  In fact, even Andy will have to answer this question for himself.  



If you can tell me how well Andy will deal with a defense that gives him less than 3 seconds to get rid of the ball, take a hit and not throw an interception, then I can tell you if I think Andy will make it.  I got news for the Andy fans:  even Andy doesn't know for sure.  He thinks he does, but until he proves it to himself, it's a question mark even for him.  I like Andy --  I like everything about his game.  He is smart, tough, accurate and shows good leadership skills.  I know he can take a hit.  I know he can get the ball out of his hands quickly and make the right read; however, at TCU, he almost sits in a rocking chair in the backfield with all the time he has to make plays.  It's like practice to him.  Show me one game where Andy got knocked to the ground more than two times in a row then got up and made a franchise throw to move the ball.  I don't have one on film.  Most of his throws are short outs and quick crossing routes.  Therefore, in Andy's case, the style of offense is giving him advantages that other QB's don't have.  On the other hand, Andy has made the most of those advantages.  So for the purpose of this draft and with the information I have in front of me, I think given some time that Andy can be an excellent QB for the team that drafts him.  But I would not draft him in the first round.  Andy is the type of QB that gets drafted in the third or fourth round because he will need some time to progress, but I have no doubt that he will progress and become a fan favorite.  Put some players around him and you should have a QB who is playoff ready. You're looking at a QB I would think that the Colts, Patriots, Saints, Giants, Chargers and Chiefs will be very interested in drafting at some point in this draft.


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 Drew Boylhart    Jan/11