Anthony Canstonzo   OT   Boston College


 Round 1



Anthony has excellent size and overall athletic ability to play the position of left tackle in the NFL.  He is a pure left tackle because of his size and body type.  He has those long arms of other successful left tackles and reminds me a little bit of D'Brickashaw Ferguson (LT Jets).  He plays with good technique, is smart and has the athletic ability to recover when he gets beat.  Anthony shows leadership skills in his play on the field and looks to be an excellent teammate.  He works well with his line mates on stunts and does a nice job getting out on screens and pull plays.  Anthony is a pass blocker who takes the responsibility of protecting the blind side of his QB very seriously.  He still has excellent upside to his game and has not yet reached his full potential. Anthony is an excellent technician and (I mean this in a good way) a bit of a football geek.



You can nit pick Anthony's game, but Anthony went to class and was an excellent student.  I know he needs to get bigger and stronger and more consistent at blocking for the run.  I know he might not have the outstanding lateral agility that you like to see in a left tackle, but he will get bigger and stronger.  He'll work harder than most and I'm smart enough to know that.



Anthony is not going to pancake block anyone into the ground.  He is a smart player who, if struggling in keeping a Dwight Freeney from his QB, will accept that and ask for help until he can mentally adjust.  Anthony will then work to figure out a way to block a Dwight Freeney because he is that smart and believes in the right techniques.  Anthony believes the right techniques and athletic talent will do more than just athletic talent alone. I guess you could say that Anthony is a bit of a football geek when he comes to using the correct techniques.  A true geek has the talent to solve problems, but believes in working the system to help him solve the problems. Anthony has the talent but believes in working the techniques or system to help him solve a blocking problem.  Anthony has a lot of athletic talent that he has not improved on during his college career.  He has worked on the techniques more than he has improved athletically.  This is an easy fix.  All that needs to be done is to get Anthony into the weight room on a good program with an NFL strength and conditioning coach.  I'm sure at Boston College they had a good program, but seeing that Anthony went to school for an education I suspect the amount of time spent on conditioning  was less than if he played football for a living.  The technician in Anthony makes me fondly call him Anthony (The Geek) Canstonzo. No phone calls, please!  

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 Drew Boylhart    Jan/11