Austin Pettis   WR   Boise St 


 Round 1



Austin has size, strength, speed and football intelligence that translates very well to the next level.  He reminds me a lot of Marques Colston (WR Saints). He has an ability to gain great separation when running his routes that you don't see until game time.  He shows the ability to catch the ball in traffic because he has strong hands and excellent body control.  Austin can get behind defenses because he has that sneaky long-legged speed that can surprise most cornerbacks if they are looking into the backfield on their hip-flips or get caught using bad techniques. If the defender going up against Austin in a game does this, Austin will work that corner all game long like a Wall Street broker working a ponzi scheme. That's why I'm calling him Austin (Ponzi) Pettis -- he will take advantage of his opponent and build on every opportunity to make himself look good.  Austin is a third down and red zone match-up nightmare.  



The biggest problem for Austin is that he played on the same team as Titus Young.  It is hard to notice all of Austin's talents because most people were looking at Titus and suggesting that Austin doesn't have good speed.  Austin will have to prove at workouts that he does have good speed and quickness.  



Being considered the 2nd best receiver on a team can be a gift and a curse.  A gift because it keeps the pressure off you to perform at a high level and a curse because...well, for the very same reason.  Austin has not had the pressure to perform like Titus and, as a result, has had the time and opportunity to learn and grow as a receiver.  His size is more appealing to me than Titus'; along with Austin's work ethic, character and intangibles, Austin, in my opinion, should be rated higher than Titus.  This may be a shock to most of you, but that's my analysis of Austin based on the film I've watched.  I see Titus' talents, but I also see that he is a speed receiver and, if that speed is matched at the next level, Titus will disappear.  I'm sure in this draft that Titus will be drafted before Austin, but make no mistake about it -- Austin has the ability to be a #1 wide receiver.  Look at it this way.  Knowing what you know now would you draft Marques Colston over DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Percy Harvin or Devin Hester?  I don't think there is any right or wrong answer, but for me personally, I'd go with Colston. I just think you have a better chance to get to the Super Bowl with the bigger receiver and those other receivers are complementary.  They are impact players, but they will not carry an offense's receiving game.  Austin (Ponzi) Pettis:  remember he has the potential to carry your receiving offense.


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 Drew Boylhart   Mar/11