Blaine Gabbert   QB   Missouri


 Round 1



Blaine is a tall, strong, athletic player with a bazooka for an arm.  He has the quickest release I've ever seen coming out of college.  He has excellent accuracy and plays from the pocket in spite of playing from a spread offense.  Blaine has strong leadership skills and the athletic skills to play in any style of offense, but seems to prefer to work from the pocket.  He does a solid job when pressured making decisions and will make the franchise throw without question or hesitation.  He has that John Elway swagger after he makes a throw that pulls his team out of adverse situations.  Blaine (because of his arm strength and quick release) is a bit of a gambler and is not afraid to fail, which can be a gift and a curse.  Blaine has franchise QB potential -- make no mistake about that.  I call him Blaine (Two Guns) Gabbert because he has two guns to fire the ball with:  his unbelievable strong arm to go along with his lightning quick release.  Two guns baby, two guns!



Like I said, Blaine is a bit of a gambler.  He will throw interceptions at the worst time of a game trying to make a play, but...he will also bring you back from the depths of despair just when you thought that there was no way to win a game.  Blaine doesn't read defenses very well right now in the running game.  He struggles to go through his progressions because he has such confidence in his quick release and will lock on to one receiver at times.  He will wait an unusual amount of time for a receiver to get open because of that quick release.  This will cause him to turn the ball over at the next level until he learns to throw the ball within the rhythm of the offense.  This is normal for a young QB and I expect no problems with his intelligence and work ethic to improve on any of these issues.  



There is more than one franchise QB in this draft and Blaine is one of them.  Blaine on film looks like he has the mental stamina, athletic skills and football intelligence to be just that...a franchise QB.  Blaine plays in a spread offense and for some reason that confuses scouts and makes them question a player's ability to play in the pocket under pressure.  The scouts can't tell how well a QB's accuracy and decision making ability is when a player has less time (than a spread offense gives a player) to make correct throws and decisions and not fold mentally under the pressure.  Blaine has shown very good ability to throw under pressure with accuracy and make those throws when needed.  I'm detecting a new gunfighter in town: Blaine (Two Guns) Gabbert.  If I'm Carolina, I would think about drafting Blaine (Two Guns) Gabbert over Cam (Daddy Makes Two) Newton because Blaine has more football maturity and stronger leadership skills to go along with his excellent talent.     


 The B S Detector 

 Drew Boylhart Jan /11