Brandon Burton   CB   Utah 


 Round 2



Brandon is a very good cornerback. He has solid athleticism and shows on film the quickness to defend against just about any size receiver.  Brandon is smart and is strong when playing man-to-man defense.  He is a solid zone cover corner.  He handles the physical aspect of his position very well and is aggressive when he has to be.  Brandon adjusts well to the ball in the air and shows good hands to intercept the ball.  He plays with a lot of pride and has confidence in his abilities, but is not to proud to ask for help if he finds himself in over his head.  Brandon understands situational football and has the ability to understand that he is not going to win every battle.  Brandon is just a really good solid corner and should be a core player for the team that drafts him.



Brandon has to get stronger and use much better bump-and-run techniques.  He got beat in the Notre Dame game simply because he let Floyd get a free release off the line of scrimmage in the red zone on a three-step drop.  His zone coverage is good, but his tackling strength is not nearly enough for him to be consistent at the next level.  Brandon does need to bulk up and get a lot stronger in the upper body and his hands.  He needs to go work on a farm and bale some hay.



The best and fastest way to build up hand strength is to go out to a field and throw 50 lb bales of hay up on a moving trailer five feet above his head.  I did that (when I was much younger!) for elephants, so you can imagine how many bales of hay I threw up into a trailer.  Having that hand strength allowed me to play "bigger" than my size in all sports.  I watched Brandon against Pittsburgh's Jon Baldwin on YouTube. The problem with YouTube is that every player you see on YouTube must be great because you hardly ever see a player playing badly on YouTube.  Brandon did an excellent job and did very well in the red zone.  I also have Brandon on film against Notre Dame, in which Brandon was not physical enough and was overmatched.  The difference in the play of the wide receivers was obvious, but so was the ability for Brandon to cover both of those big wide receivers.  I like this kid's talent and attitude and ability to be coached.  I like the way he likes a challenge.  I like his football intelligence.  Give this kid a year in a program that works on his strength and bump techniques and you have yourself a very good cornerback. 


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 Drew Boylhart   March/11