Brandon Harris   CB   Miami


 Round 3



Brandon has good athletic talent.  He shows on film decent speed and does a solid job supporting the run.  Brandon has nice tackling skills and works well in zone coverage.  He has a long stride and has good make up speed.  Brandon wants to be the top dog of the defensive backs on his team, which is not a bad thing.  Brandon looks like he has a good work ethic, gives excellent effort on every play and stands up to a challenge.  This attitude will serve him well at the next level.



Right now, Brandon has a lot of technique work to do and he must get stronger.  Brandon looks into the backfield on every play no matter if he is in zone or man coverage, which will be a big problem at the next level. He allows separation because his head is turned looking into the backfield.  He is being used by his college team as their top corner and this has given Brandon a false sense of his true talents. He wants to be a ball hawk, but unfortunately, he lets up on too many big plays.  He will be susceptible to falling, tripping and penalties as well as stop and go pass routes among many other problems because he looks into the backfield at the snap of the ball.  He hasn't learned how to read routes or wide receivers and will be easily set up for the big play by smarter wide receivers and quarterbacks.  I also don't see the quick twitch and hip flip that a true top corner has to have to be considered, in my opinion, a 1st round selection.  Brandon has a good attitude and I suspect that after he gets burned and benched, he will learn to be coachable and could turn into a solid #2 CB for some team...eventually.  



It's real simple: there is talent here, but the techniques are so bad that I have to wonder who was coaching him at the college level or if Brandon is coachable.  When you have talent, you can get away with bad techniques at the college level.  In Miami's bowl game against Notre Dame, Brandon got abused like butter on lobster.  It really showed me what I had been thinking all year about this kid.  It showed me that this kid has a lot of issues that need to be corrected along with adding strength so that he can tackle better.  But to his credit, he never got down on himself and he continued with good effort the whole game, which makes me feel that Brandon does have the potential to succeed...eventually.  


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 Drew Boylhart   Feb/11