Bruce Carter   LB   North Carolina


 Round 4


Bruce has the size, strength, speed and agility that all teams are looking for in an outside linebacker.  He is a very good cover linebacker who is able to cover man-to-man most tight ends and running backs coming out from the backfield.  Bruce has a good burst to the ball and has nice catch-up speed to bring down players from behind.  He shows solid leadership skills, an understanding of his assignments and works well in the defensive system in which he plays at the college level.  



The biggest problem that I see when Bruce plays is that he does not use his arms to engage and shed blocks in the running game.  This might be because of injuries, but if Bruce has been injured previously and plays this way to avoid further injury, he probably should not be playing.  Bruce does not handle cut blocks very well at all because he doesn't use his arms to fend players off his legs.  When an offensive lineman pulls around Bruce's side for a sweep, Bruce meets the block with his shoulder and crumbles.



I know Bruce has had some injuries, but playing without using his arms and hands just doesn't do it for me,.  I think Bruce would be fine in a nickel package defense as a part-time cover linebacker.  However, as soon as his opponents find out that he plays football like the Venus Di Milo statue, they are going to run straight at him and dare him to tackle them.  I know Bruce will workout and show the athletic talent to be an NFL linebacker, but as I always say, "it takes more than talent to play in the NFL" and I know for a fact that it takes arms! 

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  Drew Boylhart   Dec/10