Bruce Miller   LB/DE   Central Florida


 Round 4



Bruce has overall good athletic talent to play in the NFL.  He shows leadership skills thorough his play on the field and is a smart player.  Bruce understands situational football and is the type of player who can be an extension of the coach on the field.  He has excellent quickness off the line and shows enough agility and instincts on film to be used to drop off in coverage as a OLB in a 3-4 defense. Bruce is another player who reminds me a lot of Tedy Bruschi (former LB for the NE Patriots).  Bruce shows good mature pass rushing moves and plays the run as well as he rushes the passer.  He looks to be a quality kid, a good teammate and the type of player that all teams need to draft to have success in the NFL. 



Bruce uses too much finesse when rushing the passer and needs to use stronger moves at the next level to open up his ability to rush the passer.  He also will have to learn to read offensive linemen better to gain advantage in a game to be opportunistic later in the game.  Right now, Bruce is better and quicker athletically than most of his opponents; however, at the next level, his athletic talents are about average.  He will have to develop mentally to succeed like I think he can.



Bruce is the type of player you draft in the later rounds and then find a position for him to play on your team.  You just need to draft players like Bruce.  At the next level, he would make a good OLB/DE in a 3-4 or a 2-down ILB in a 3-4.  Keep in mind that he is a systems player so, in spite of his talents, some teams will rate Bruce higher than others.  Also, his workout numbers are very good in terms of playing football, but they aren't that great "track wise".  A lot of teams are just looking for pure speed first.  Me personally, I'm looking for football players with speed -- not the other way around.  Bruce might be the Frank Zombo (LB GB Packers) of this draft.  Do a search on that name and you will see what I mean.  Bruce has got a lot of talent and I look for players like this all the time because they have the potential to become core players and fan favorites for the team that drafts them.  If your a team runs a 3-4 defense and you don't expect your linebackers to run all over the field like a safety, then you need to draft a player like Bruce.  Look for Bruce to show up on the Bills, Packers, Rams, Giants, Patriots, Colts or Chiefs.


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