Cam Newton   QB   Auburn


 Round 1


Cam is one of the most athletically talented football players I have seen since Michael Vick (QB Eagles).  He is big, strong, fast and can throw a ball through the windshield of a car from fifty yards away.  He also has the ability to throw the ball with touch and can stand tall in the pocket, take a hit and make the franchise throw in a close game to bring his team from behind.  If you were to draft Cam, he could play more than just the QB position for your team.  I believe he could play on either side of the ball and be an impact player.  I'm sure in the red zone he could be used as a defensive back and, on third and long, I bet he would be able to rush the passer with ease.  On the other side of the ball, we know he can play QB and WR (as a slot receiver); he would also be a nightmare to cover as a TE for a safety or linebacker.  Cam shows good mechanics when he throws the ball and has excellent accuracy.  He can throw from the pocket or on the run.  He also has the ability like Ben Roethlisberger (QB Steelers) to extend a play, look down the field and find an open receiver.  Cam plays the position of QB a lot like Ben Roethlisberger.  Cam has the potential to be a franchise QB and a marketing dream come true for the team that drafts him.   



Unfortunately, the big question mark are the off-field issues.  Are all the allegations just allegations or are they true?  What was the truth regarding the situation at Florida?  I find it hard to believe that Cam was going to be expelled for buying a computer and a couple of bad tests!  Most of the players in college could be expelled for those reasons.  I can't believe that Urban Meyer would let a talented player like Cam leave even with Tim Tebow starting.  Urban Meyer would have found some way to get both players on the field and both become stars.  This situation does not add up to me and doing your homework before investing top ten money would be the prudent thing to do.  Remember, a "charming" smile can be a "disarming" smile. 



There is no doubt about this kid's ability to be a franchise player at the next level.  As long as you have done your homework and are satisfied as to why the FBI is investigating this situation (and that it's not gambling related), then by all means, making this kid the first pick in this draft is not a reach.  But you do have to wonder why the FBI has involved themselves in this situation and exactly what happened at Florida.  Also, consider this...Cam is not the only potentially great player in this draft.  Some people have compared Cam to Tim Tebow.  This is no comparison.  Cam is by far more athletic and even, at this stage, a better pure QB.  However, that just brings me back to the Florida concerns.  Cam is better than Tim, but Urban wanted Tim over Cam?  If I could be satisfied with all the questions that I have about Cam and the off field allegations, I would not hesitate to draft him as the very first pick of this draft.  Cam has that infectious way about him that just drags you into his circle of love.  He is a marketing dream come true for just about any franchise.  He is very smart on and off the field and he knows how to win.  Cam's smile and joy when playing football reminds me a lot of Shannon Sharpe (former TE Ravens/ Broncos).  They play different positions, but they play their positions with the same passion, intelligence and drive.  Personally, I hope all these allegations are not true and this kid goes on to have a great career because it would be a shame if anything happened to tarnish what should be an excellent career at the next level.  Remember, this is not a matter of giving Cam an award.  This is a matter of handing him (and perhaps his family) millions of dollars and all of them having the maturity, honesty and responsibility to handle it.  When you draft Cam, you draft everyone involved with Cam.  I call him Cam (Daddy Makes Two) Newton.  You guessed it! 

 The BS Detector 

  Drew Boylhart   Dec/10

Update -01/11/2011 

Cam had his Bowl Game last night and played very well overall but I now know why Urban Myer stayed with the less athletic Tim Tebow over keeping Cam Newton as his Championship QB.  Cam showed excellent arm strength and accuracy when he threw the ball.  He played from the pocket with a good feel for when the pocket broke down.  Cam did show that he can throw the franchise pass with accuracy but hesitates in making decisions when the pressure is on and looks to his coaches to help him emotionally on the field at adverse times in a game.  Cam did not take the game over and lead in spite of his athletic talent last night.  He also seem to struggle mentally from all the physical hits that he took during the game.  I think it's the first time that Cam has ever been hit and tackled that hard.  In the running game he was lost making the decision of handing the ball off or taking it himself because of the speed of the Oregon defense.  Towards the end of the game he was just handing the ball off.  That would never happen with Tebow and it never happened with Vince Young when he was in College.  I'm not sure of Cam's football intelligence and I now realize through this game that his football maturity has a long ways to go.  Cam is still a potential top ten franchise QB but the team that drafts him will have to go slow with him and give Cam time to mature mentally.  Cam showed early in the game the mental strength to take his team on his emotionally shoulders and score the first touchdown.  His play at that time in the game was very franchise like.  He came back from throwing an interception and a turn over and lead his team with quick accurate passes down the field but..Cam seem to loose that edge as the game went on and more adjustments were made against him and he seem to become confused, frustrated and hesitant. Cam has tremendous talent.  The questions now is does he have the mental work effort that he will need for the next level and does he realize the amount of work and study that will be required of him?  Now I know why Urban Myer picked Tim Tebow over Cam Newton.  Leadership skills, football intelligence and the ability to handle adverse situations in a game and adjust.  Tebow has all these important abilities...Cam is struggling with all of them.  Top Ten Athletic talent but not top ten football maturity so were would you select him in the draft?  I think if you have a solid QB in front of Cam then he is a good pick.  I think if you don't have a very good QB situation and are looking to turn your team around right away you might want to think twice about drafting Cam too early.  This is a tough one!   

 The BS Detector 

  Drew Boylhart   Jan/11